Life is not only about work…

I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but my true passion is Trail & Ultra Running.

Self-Made Ultra-Trail Runner

Runners are made, not born

When I turned 36, I began running. At that time, after years of being a “couch potato”, I was not able to run even a mile. I worked hard; and after 5 years, I finished my first marathon. It was tough and took more than 5 hours. Despite my unimpressive finish time, I hadn’t given up. I continued to train further and developed myself to a real runner.

In the following years, I have run several marathon races, and I felt ready to try ultra-trail running. I ran my first ultra-trail race (86.3km / 3650m+) at the age of 45. No matter what the finish time was, it was my personal success story. This race changed me as a runner and as a person. I have thrown myself fully into trail and ultra running, and I have never looked back.

Upcoming Races

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival – K110 (AT)

Distance: 108km
Elevation gain: 5400m+

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc – CCC (IT/CH/FR)

Distance: 100km
Elevation gain: 6100m+

Mozart 100 (AT)

Distance: 109.9km
Elevation gain: 5100m+

Accomplished Races

Cesis Eco Trail – 80 (LV)

Distance: 79.1km
Elevation gain: 1610m+
Time: 12:34:27

Mozart 100 (AT)

Distance: 109.9km
Elevation gain: 5100m+

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival – K85 (AT)

Distance: 88.2km
Elevation gain: 4060m+
Time: 15:45:02

Piekrastes Stirnu Buks – Lūsis (LV)

Distance: 30.6km
Elevation gain: 730m+
Time: 03:11:05

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc – TDS (IT/FR)

Distance: 122.8km
Elevation gain: 6770m+
Time: 29:18:56

Epic Trail Run Azores – Epic100 (PT)

Distance: 104.6km
Elevation gain: 3980m+
Time: 24:44:02

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace – 121 (IT)

Distance: 122.4km
Elevation gain: 7350m+

Mozart 100 (AT)

Distance: 105.7km
Elevation gain: 4650m+
Time: 19:39:52

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival – K85 (AT)

Distance: 86.3km
Elevation gain: 3650m+
Time: 18:04:38