Pēteris Skorovs

Patent Examiner

European Patent Office


I am a medical technology and patent expert with long-standing experience as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office.

I have a broad, extensive background across the diverse fields of biomedical engineering, and I have also acquired solid knowledge and experience in patent related matters.

While my primary professional duties are focused on patent searching, classification and examination, my side interests include patent information, patent data and patent analysis. My further interests include independent research and innovation in the fields of medical and health technology, data mining, and the history of technology and intellectual property.


  • MedTech & HealthTech
  • Patents Information & Data
  • Data Mining
  • History of Technology & Intellectual Property


  • Master of Engineering Sciences, Medical Engineering and Medical Physics, 2000

    Riga Technical University

  • Bachelor of Engineering Sciences, Medical Engineering and Medical Physics, 1996

    Riga Technical University










Patent Examiner

European Patent Office

Sep 2002 – Present Munich, Germany
Responsibilities include:

  • Patent search and examination in the field of medical technology

Recent Posts

Levi’s Patents

Many people believe that Levi Strauss invented the first jeans, but that is not true. The real inventor jeans was Jacob Davis, who was listed as the single inventor in the Levi Strauss’s patent.

Minox Patents

Minox is the world’s most famous subminiature camera, which was invented by Walter Zapp and originally manufactured by Valsts elektrotehniskā fabrikaa (VEF) in Riga, Latvia. The Walter Zapp’s invention was protected by more than 80 patents in 24 countries.

Rubik’s Cube Patents

Almost everybody knows Rubik’s Cube. It is not only widely recognized as the best puzzle toy ever made, but it is also one of the best-sold toys worldwide. The Rubik’s Cube was patented in Hungary. However Rubik had obtained almost no patent protection abroad.